• Act as a liaison between the board of directors, homeowners, contractors, insurance agents, etc.
  • Address all incoming and outgoing correspondence
  • Your Communitas property manager attends regularly scheduled board meetings
  • Compile monthly report of all the associations activities, maintenance, finances and homeowner concerns
  • Provide new homeowners with proper documentation to include the recorded by-laws, articles of incorporation, and covenants and restrictions
  • Coordinate yearly insurance reviews to ensure adequate coverage
  • Compile and distribute all mailings to homeowners
  • Maintain the association's minutes book
  • Receive instant notification when new management reports are ready to view
  • Maintain clerical files and unit owner files
  • Answer mortgage questionnaires for individual unit loans
  • Report balances owed to all title companies prior to closing sales
  • Process all architectural requests from homeowners


  • Record all amendments to the documents at the appropriate municipal authority
  • Record all changes in the board of directors with Secretary of State's office
  • Assist in enforcing of the associations by-laws
  • Work closely with an Attorney who has read and familiarized himself with the associations governing documents
  • Remain current on all state and local statutes and laws governing homeowner associations

Online Services

  • Ideal for homeowners and board members
  • No more waiting for information from your community association manager. Just go online and click for the data you need now!
  • Manage your homeowner account. No phone calls or printed reports necessary!
  • Use an online search capability to call up your association rules and regulations
  • Reserve association amenities online
  • Request maintenance services via an easy-to-use online form
  • View past newsletters and meeting minutes online
  • Receive instant notification when new management reports are ready to view
  • Track current violations
  • View past management reports and financials
  • See real time assessment account status (current, late)
  • Provide online access to schedule association events
  • Send communications to homeowners via email or hard copy. The system knows who gets email and who requires postal delivery.
  • Contract with preferred and approved vendors online
  • View real time updates and reports. Track the status of maintenance service requests efficiently and seamlessly.


  • Provide the board of directors with a monthly financial package which includes: balance sheet, profit and loss statement, checks disbursement summary, budget variance report, and a payables and receivables summary
  • At the end of each fiscal year, we recommend that a review, compilation, or an independent audit by a CPA firm be completed
  • We provide all necessary documentation to the accounting firm of your choice to perform your yearly taxes
  • Assist the board in preparing their annual budget
  • ACH Banking in which the homeowner's dues are electronically deducted from the checking accounts and deposited in the associations account is available
  • Collect all homeowners association dues and post to individual homeowners' accounts
  • Keep a history of each individual homeowner's assessment payments
  • Aggressively handle all delinquent accounts (an account is easier to collect when the balance is small)
  • Maintain and consistently enforce the association's collection policy. This helps the owners to understand the collection process and they are less likely to fall behind. Maintenance fees are the life's blood of a community association.
  • Coordinate all assessment-related correspondence
  • Deposit all receipts in your associations FDIC insured bank
  • Make monthly disbursements in a timely manner


  • Provide 24-hour 365 day-a-year emergency on-call service
  • Assist the board in implementing and maintaining a preventative maintenance program for your community
  • Coordinate bid collection for significant one-time repair or replacement expenditures
  • Annually coordinate bid collection for regular major contracts for such items as trash removal, pest control, landscaping, snow removal, lawn care, pool maintenance and lake treatments
  • Ensure that all contractors who are contracted to perform work for the association are adequately insured
  • Provide at least one drive-thru inspection every week
  • Log all homeowner's requests for service and track them on our online system for easy review
  • Compile and include monthly service reports in your monthly Board package